Thors Mjolnir Hammer

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Thor's most favored weapon is Mjölnir which gave him extensive power and has helped him in several of his battles.

Mjölnir was created through the trickery of his brother, Loki. Up to his usual shenanigans, Loki decided it would be funny to cut off Sif's golden locks of hair. This angered Thor and he threatened to kill his brother by breaking his bones. Promising to acquire for Sif a pair of locks lovelier than the one she had, Loki traveled to the land of the dwarves.

Deciding to stay a while longer to play tricks on the dwarves and get more treasured items, Loki teased brothers. Sindri and Brokkr, that while they were master craftsmen, they were nothing compared to the sons of Ivaldi. To prove this, he showed them the lock of hair that he got for Sif and two other creations the sons of Ivaldi created which was the Skidbladnir and the Gungnir. He explained that the Gungnir was the best spear he had ever used and that the Skidbladnir the best ship he had ever seen.

To prove they were better, the brothers. Sindri and Brokkr made three items that would make any blacksmith proud. First, they created Gullinbursti, a beautiful boar with golden hair. Next came Draupnir, a golden ring that reproduced itself eight times on every ninth night. And last came the hammer, Mjölnir. All the while that the brothers were working, Loki was up to his tricks and trying to make sure they failed at their attempts to beat the sons of Ivaldi. On all three attempts he failed, however, while the brothers were creating Mjölnir, Loki bit Sindri on the eyelid which resulted in the hammer having a shorter handle than was originally intended. It is for this reason that Thor can only hold the hammer with one hand.

Upon his arrival back to Asgard, Loki gifted his treasures to his family. To his father, Odin, he gifted the ring Draupnir and the spear Gungnir. To Odin's wife, Freyr, he gifted the golden boar Gullinbursti and the ship Skidbladnir. And, of course, to his brother, Thor, the hammer Mjölnir.

Our THORS MJOLNIR HAMMER is a testament to the strength of the hammer that was wielded by the god of lightning, Thor. 

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